Allergies and special food orders

For persons with special food needs or allergies we are able to arrange this.

What do we need to order in advance?

None of our meals contains nuts (including peanuts, almonds and sesame) or pork, this means that you do not need to enter if someone cannot eat this.

The most common allergies are celiac, lactose and eggs. To make it easier for the participants we have marked all meals on the menu that contains any of these substances.

Have to be ordered by December 10th Does not need to be ordered
Food allergies except nuts Nut allergy (incl. peanuts, almonds and sesame)
Vegetarian food (cost €10) Pork free food
  Halal,  we cannot provide this
  Vegan, we cannot provide this

How do we order special food?

You order special food for players and leaders at Gothia Account. 

Deadline for ordering any kind of special food is December 10th, after this date all special food orders will be charged €30 per order. 

What can I do if I have forgot to order special food before the tournament start?

We will then try to help you but we cannot guarantee anything. If you are staying at a school you can talk to the school hosts. If you have ordered meal cards please contact Gothia Innebandy Cup at

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